21 July 2008

The Dolphin

Friends came down to say happy birthday and we walked down to the Dolphin. Not a place to get shot at. Not even a place to get a shot of something. The women dancing had brown teeth and pasties and tattoos and a attitude. Girl friend gave one of them a dollar and she blew us off. Bar tender was nice, though. She wished me happy birthday and gave me a beer. "How old are you, babes?" she asked, and then looked at me in disbelief when I told her I was turning XX. Girl friend demanded I should get a lap dance, but bar tender said, "No babes, we don't that here." "It's his birthday!" girl friend yelled. "If we do it for him all of the others guy are going to ask for one and we ain't that kind of place," bar tender said as she left to catch two more beers for us.